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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Gutting the Charger
by brian @ 16:59:40 - [perma-link]

Josh and I pulled the seats and carpeting (2 layers!!! Who carpets
over carpet?) out of the Charger over the weekend. The passenger
side looks pretty clean, but the drivers floor has some rust,
hopefully just superficial. Yesterday I stripped the dashboard.
Looks like I missed a piece on the left.

There was a build sheet under the original carpeting, so I looked up
some of the codes online. Aside from the original white vinyl top
and the special-order 2.71 highway gears in the rear end, this car
was basic standard features; nothing worth restoring back to
original. Woohoo!

I like the dash without all the pads on it. I'll have good seatbelts
with shoulder belts, so the extra cushioning isn't as important as it
might have been 36 years ago. With everything removed it will be
easier to locate the computer, LCD screen and new gauges.

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