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Thursday, October 13, 2005
My CarPC
by brian @ 17:50:14 - [perma-link]

Obviously these pictures are not in the car. I got my mini-itx system
parts Tuesday night. Yesterday I went out and got an ATX power supply,
so I can power it up and debug it before I put the system in the car.

This will be the new "entertainment system" for the Charger. The 100G
disk will hold plenty of music, videos and maps and who knows what
That's a lot of space.

The small screen will go somewhere in the dash, and is a touchscreen, so
I can just poke stuff while driving instead of having to switch from
the steeringwheel to a keyboard/mouse. It shouldn't be any more
difficult than pressing radio buttons. The keyboard I have for it can
roll up, so I can store it in the center console, and pull it out if I
really need it.

So far I've just installed Linux. I still need to install the drivers
for some of the parts.

Then I need to figure out what to use to build the chassis for the final

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