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Sunday, October 2, 2005
Charger electrical problems: Solved
by brian @ 21:05:10 - [perma-link]

For now, anyway. The two dash pics show you how it flips down to access
the back. The soldering tools represent what I did, since its all back
together now, and I didn't think to take pictures during...

The headlights work again, and are much, much brighter. They also lost
the yellowish tint that old crappy bulbs make, and have a whiter light
as the halogens should. The main culprit turned out to be a bad
footswitch (replaced with an under-dash toggle for now).

There were also a couple of fused wires (one sort of ground-ish, and the
other sort of straight from the battery positive) at the bulkhead. I
peeled them apart and wrapped them in tape. I drove today with the radio
and lights on. Nothing flickered or cut out when I hit the brakes or
turn signals. It all works!

While the dash was open I hooked up the windshield washer wires. Turns
out that Jen's dad and I actually did fix it about 5 years ago, but we
didn't have the full wiring diagram. But with the back of the dash in
plain view it was a piece of cake. The pump, hoses, and engine
compartment wiring that we did back then were all good.

I should fix the horn next.

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