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Friday, August 6, 2004
Charger update
by brian @ 21:28:54 - [perma-link]

I hosed down the K-member and cleaned up the rest of the front end to
prepare for reinstallation. Josh showed up and we painted everything
black (its amazing how much nicer the car looks after just a little
cleaning and paint). And the floor looks nice again after mopping.

I tried test fitting the lower control arm, but the shaft seemed to be
a bigger diameter than the hole in the bushings... So that's where the
inner shell of the one old bearing that was totally shot. The rubber
had deteriorated so badly that it just fell out, leaving the inner
shell securely fixed to the shaft, and the outer shell securly lodged
in the control arm. The other day Josh "finessed" the outer shells out
of the control arms with an air chisel. Tonight I removed the inner
shells with a torch, vise grips, a hammer, and a few wrenches.

Tomorrow Connie's parents come to visit, so the project is on hold for
a few days.

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