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Thursday, August 5, 2004
Front suspension ready to go back in...
by brian @ 22:28:18 - [perma-link]

Tonight I started putting the front end of my Charger back together.
The passenger side parts are displayed with the Puma Upper Control Arm
Support, in a rough exploded view of how they fit in the car. Oscar
gave them a final OK.

These all go up in the wheel well, so I cleaned it up a little before
putting the upper bumper and control arm into place...with a rubber
hammer, but it wasn't too bad. I checked out where the rest of the
stuff mounts, and I have some more cleaning to do tomorrow before I
continue reinstalling. I only did a light cleaning, since it started
getting down to bare metal. Eventually I'll have the body blasted or
dipped to remove everything, so I'd rather leave the inside a little
dirty than expose bare metal to rust. What rust I did find, i wire
brushed and sprayed with white primer.

I also might have found a source for brake pads (I have the "rare"
Bendix 4-piston disc brakes up front. They truly are rare, as are
replacement parts), so I'll hopefully buy a couple of sets and be set
for life.

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