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Sunday, June 6, 2004
Charger: New transmission wiring
by brian @ 20:18:36 - [perma-link]

This weekend I'm replacing the Neutral Start and Backup Lamp Switch
wiring in the 69 Charger. It seems 35 years of wear and tear left some
exposed bare wire to ground itself on the exhaust.

I pulled the stock wire, measured it, and cut of the connectors with as
much of the old wire that was undamaged. The last two photos show some
of the really bad spots.

I soldered 3 new wires to those ends to make up the length and wrapped
it all up in electrical tape (long and tedious). Now I'm going back
under the hood and under the car to install it.

I also need to check the fuel sender wire, as that gauge seems to have
mysteriously gone dead, too. If it's a single wire I'll try to just tape
up the exposed parts and route it better, since there won't be any
danger of crossing connections.

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