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Saturday, January 28, 2023
Gardening Experi-mint!
by brian @ 15:53:46 - [perma-link]

I picked up a mint plant on a whim at Trader Joe’s. I enjoyed growing and propagating basil last year. This should be fun!

I cut these trimmings in the three small pots from the big one, and cut off the main branches (which had a case of mold) once the new shoots appeared. The ones in the bird pot were cut more recently, and were not moldy, so i didn’t trim them back.

The experiment was originally 2 controls getting water vs one with masterblend, but is now water vs masterblend vs accidentally-being-dumped-over-and-haphazardly-scooped-back-into-the-pot-AND-water. Mint is notoriously invasive and persistent, so I’m rooting for the dumped pot. Also, i forget which one got masterblend.

Lol. Science!

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