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Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Second Butt
by brian @ 10:12:18 - [perma-link]

First smoke of the year! This is my second pork butt. On Saturday I smoked one with just salt and pepper as a rub. More of a douse than a rub. It was really good, but the thick salt and pepper crust was a bit much.

I added brown sugar to the mix this time, and didn’t pour it on so heavily. I also got a later start this time, by about an hour. 250F for 3.5 hours, started at 10am!

Jan 6 - it’s delicious! Salt and pepper aren’t overpowering. The “crust” has a nice sweetness without being like candy.

I did not realize the grill turns itself to 150F once the probe targets are reached. I’m not sure how much time i lost on “warm”, maybe a half hour. Still it turned out ok. The meat probes kept increasing temp the whole time.

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