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Friday, November 4, 2022
Saffron is Looking Good
by brian @ 17:37:59 - [perma-link]

All but one of the indoor saffron corms have pierced the soil in the 3 weeks since I planted them. Almost all of them have multiple sprouts. I count 35 sprouts from 19 corms.

I think the bigger one in the 2-pot will be the first flower. I don’t know how many will flower in the first year, or if some are too small. I don’t think I will be wondering much longer.

The ones outdoor do not seem to have the near perfect sprout rate, but I counted 10 or so in each spot, mostly multiple sprouts. Critters dug up some when I planted them. I’m pretty happy with 50% (so far… new ones are still coming up).

I have mini greenhouses on order to cover them, because it’s finally getting cold now, and we’ve had a ton of rain in the last week. I should get the covers before the 29 degree nights, but not before the first freeze. So, yeah. We’ll see!

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