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Thursday, August 25, 2022
Roasting Coffee
by brian @ 12:35:27 - [perma-link]

Today's roast was 309 grams of Mexican Comunidad de Coatepec espresso beans.

The beans started green in the dog bowl. They turn yellowish brown after about 6 minutes, and start darkening. The last video is in second crack, right before I turned off the heat and cooled the beans with a fan.

I went a little long into second crack, taking a few short videos to try to capture the popping sound. These came out a little darker than I have been roasting lately. Roasted for 13m:51s at about 6.75 on the heat gun.

The beans are off gassing (or whatever) in the open can until tomorrow morning. I have just enough Espresso Monkey left for tomorrow, so I will seal the lid tomorrow and try these out on Saturday.

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