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Saturday, July 9, 2022
New seat for the racing sim
by brian @ 17:09:46 - [perma-link]

The actual seat is an old one, out of one of my rally cars. The mount is new. I’m no longer driving a dining room chair. The seat mount is a different brand than the wheel stand, so they don’t connect together. I have a 25lb dumbbell on the front to balance the wheel with the steep angle for this less-upright position.

I don’t have anywhere to mount the other hand brake, so I’ve set up the shifter as a handbrake instead. The old handbrake was on a separate riser that interferes with the seat and the shifter in this position. I only use the handbrake in Dirt, and I use the paddles to shift anyway, so I’m all set.

I just raced around the Red Bull Ring in Assetto Corsa. I like sim racing the F1 tracks on race weekends, to get a better feel for the track, and know where things are happening when I’m watching the real thing.

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