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Sunday, June 19, 2022
New Addition to the Small Tank
by brian @ 10:19:14 - [perma-link]

A Brazos Dwarf Crawfish! The pH in this tank doesn’t promote the blue color. I am setting up another tank for a lower pH (and higher maintenance), but this critter arrived sooner than the tank cycled. I don’t know if this one is male or female, but, uh, it’s one of a dozen (I ordered 10, which is kind of a lot, it turns out), so I probably have some of each. I’ll figure it out in a few weeks when they are big enough to distinguish.

This will turn into an informal pH experiment eventually. I really want some blue ones. I think I’m going to need a bigger tank.

Ooooh! Upside down thumbnail, so its not just a landscape portrait thing! There must be an EXIF for phone orientation, because I had my phone flipped with the lenses on the low side (shutter button to the left) to take this pic at the bottom of the tank. Width and Height used to be enough on the Danger Sidekick!

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