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Friday, June 10, 2022
Algae eater doing its thing
by brian @ 11:14:13 - [perma-link]

I got an algae eater fish (I forget the species) for my 3 gallon aquarium. A while back I moved the tank near my 10 gallon aquaponics setup, and the grow light let algae go wild. After a filter change and a little bit of cleanup, that fish keeps the small tank spotless.
Yesterday I decided to clean the mush neglected 10 gallon tank. I took an algae covered marble from that tank and put it in the 3 gallon. The algae eater took to it pretty quickly. Now the marble is clean! The algae eater also has a buddy, a Mexican dwarf crawfish (Cambarellus Photobombus, or something like that).
The 10 gallon got a good cleaning. I removed all the decorations and soaked them clean, then rinsed and dechlorinated before putting some of them back in. The gravel bottom got a good vacuuming, after I watched some informative YouTube videos (thanks Aquarium Co-op!), and I wiped down the glass. I think it looks great! I hope the little algae eater can keep this one clean, too!

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