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Wednesday, June 9, 2010
I pulled the motor out of the rally car today
by brian @ 17:47:21 - [perma-link]

On saturday while I was out tuning the rally car, it mysteriously lost a couple of quarts of oil and damaged.... something... in the motor. I limped it home (bad idea. should have called AAA when it died and wouldn't start again) and checked it out on Monday. Something is definitely broken.

Yesterday Dan and I towed it from my house down to the shop, and I made some room to work and disconnected all of the wiring, drained the oil and coolant, and had it mostly ready to come out. Today I took out the axles, radiator, header, and a few other things, and pulled the motor with the cherry picker.

The front end of the car was pretty high up on jack stands. I lowered the engine and transmission onto the legs of the cherry picker and a wheel dolly, then disconnected the chain so I could drag it out from under the car. It was just a bit too tall, so I let all the air out of the rear tires to pick up the front just a bit more and pulled it clear. After that I separated the transmission from the engine, and called it a day.

Tomorrow we start disassembling it to see what went wrong.

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