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Monday, June 7, 2010
Running too rich, right?
by brian @ 10:21:24 - [perma-link]

I'm changing spark plugs on the rally car today. Wait, let me back
up. I'm Grasping at straws on the rally car today. Over the weekend
I went for a drive. It was all good for a while, then the car suddenly
died at a stop sign and wouldn't start again.

I ended up pushing it across the intersection to a downhill and roll-
started it and kept revving th engine to keep it from dying on the way

As I got closer to home, the engine was running hotter than it had
been (about 205 instead of 190ish). That was possibly due to mostly
coasting in neutral while revving he motor behind morons driving 10mph
UNDER the speed limit.

Yesterday it wouldn't start. No idea why. So starting with the basics.

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