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Friday, February 26, 2010
Hotbits ready to rally
by brian @ 21:34:15 - [perma-link]

I got my suspension back from Feal Suspension, where I had sent them to get serviced. They revalved them to be a little stiffer for the bigger springs, and fixed a busted adjuster rod. The adjuster rings on one of the rears (with the yellow springs) were seized up, but I spent a while with the strut mounted in a vise (by the single tab) I was able to get it all the way down.

Tomorrow I'll check each corner of the car as I install the struts. Once these are on, I'll bleed the brakes, and throw on a set of wheels. I'm hoping to at least drive it up to the car wash to rinse off any remaining dirt, then get it set up in the new shop for final preparation before Doo Wops.

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