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msgramp plugin faq

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Cum instalez si eu programul ala in winamp...????
  • A:From my limited study of Romance Languages, I gather you're asking how to install the plugin. First, you should install Winamp. The plugin works with version 2.something and, supposedly in version 5, but not in version 3. So install Winamp, following the instructions on the winamp site.

    Once you have Winamp installed, run the msgramp.exe installer, and point it at the right winamp location when it asks.

  • Q: hi, i was wandering if u could tell me how to turn off the www.lunch.org/y/ thing when i dont want to use it?
  • A:Easy, peasy. Go into Winamp plugin options and disable the plugin. See the winamp manual if you need help with that. Its been so long I don't remember how to use it myself.

  • Q: You have been invited to join some dumb fool's network of friends.
  • A: Please don't. I'm not even a real person. Heh heh.

  • Q: I installed this plugin .. how to remove it ???
  • A: Are you insane? Remove it? Why you want remove it? Why should I tell you? Huh? Huh?

    OK. Fine. If you no longer wish to be cool, look for the file in the Winamp/Plugins folder on your hard drive. Probably in C:\Program Files, unless you installed it somewhere else (mr fancy pants!). Oh yeah. Quit Winamp. Drag the file.. umm.. gen_msgr.dll, or something like that, to the trash. Run Winamp. Problem solved. Return to your lame life, already in progress.

  • Q: My MSGRAMP doesn't Works but why???I have installed correctly!!
  • A: Oh yeah? I bet you not have installed correctly! I mean, if you had, it would be working, wouldn't it?

    Did you make sure it is enabled in the Winamp preferences? If it isn't... Yeah, enable it!

    Are you running Winamp version 3? Well, it doesn't work with Winamp 3, so stop running it immediately! Go download Winamp 5 or find the old 2.78 version or whatever. 3 is a resource hog. Ugh.. But it supposedly works on 5, though I cannot confirm.

    Have you set a custom status message before on Yahoo? If you reinstall Yahoo Messenger (possibly even on upgrades), you may have to set a custom status message before the plugin will work again. Newbie Programming mistake. Sorry. Still not working? Call your momma and ask her to check your tempature the old fashioned way. Maybe you're just not cool enough...

  • Q: You MUST log into messenger using your "Real" or "Main" or "Primary" Username. If you log into messenger using an alias in the Login dialog, status changes will not work. WHAT IS THAT??? plz help
  • A: Oh, I wish I could explain it. It's like if you... man, I really wish I could.. Its just a big mistake, but that doesn't help you.

    If you have more than one yahoo profile on the same account, like if your chat name is different from your yahoo mail or your yahoo messenger, but you can log in with the same name everywhere... get it?

    Yeah, me either. But if you go to this page on yahoo and you log in, and you see a list of your Yahoo ID and any other Profiles you have. If any.

    For the plugin to work properly, you must log into Yahoo Messenger, the windows or mac or linux app, or whatever... log in as the "Yahoo! ID", rather than as one of the other profile names. If you don't, the plugin can't find the right stuff in the Resources.

  • Q: hm... the plugin doesn't display chinese word in YIM, should you consider that ? just my suggestion, reply to let me know.
  • A: A thousand pardons. This plugin was my first Windows programming project, so it is far from perfect.

    Unfortunately I lost the source code, and my Visual C++ development environment when my VAIO took a dive off my bed and committed Hari-kari with its PCMCIA WiFi card (as a side note, those Lucent WaveLAN cards can sure take a beating! It still works; the computer, I'm afraid, was not so fortunate). It was actually its second attempt, and this time it was successful, ramming the PCMCIA cage into the main board, knocking out the power connector, and cracking a couple of boards along the way. The case didn't fare very well either.

    None of my other computers were able to read the NTFS disk, and I accidentally wiped out the partition table trying. So, like, I can't make any updates. Sorry.

  • Q:I'm really fascinated by your plug in and want it to work for me too, but unfortunately I'm not able to do so. I have the latest versions of Winamp (v5.08c) and Yahoo Messenger (v 6). I'm using Windows XP on my desktop.
  • A: First, let me say that this was the start of the most polite inquiry I have ever received. Even more proper than the C&D I got a few years back. Thank you.

    I don't know if the problem is with WinAMP, Yahoo Messenger, or XP. Try WinAMP 2.78 (or the latest in the 2.xx line) to see if that works... Though if you were able to configure the plugin in the winamp preferences, that's probably not it.

    Yahoo 6.0, from what I hear, is a major change from the previous versions. I woudln't know, since I use a Mac now, and, well, let's not get into that.

    Then there's XP. Bill Gates ain't no Fonzie. Need I say more?

    just in case you need them

    Bug reports to larkington@yahoo.com