Be Cool Instantly!

Do you have friends? Do you listen to music? Do you want to show your friends how cool your music is? Of course you do!


My plugin will set your Yahoo! Messenger status message to the name of the song currently playing on Winamp. Download it. Use it. Be cool. INSTANTLY!

Note: This plugin does NOT work with Winamp 3. There may be a new version at some time in the future.
I've heard it will work in Winamp 5, but you have to create a Custom Status Message in Yahoo! Messenger FIRST.

three steps to being cool

get yahoo! messenger

get winamp

get the plugin (v0.6)

more instructions if you need them

Quit Winamp if you have it running. Download the plugin installer. Choose "Run this program...", Click "Yes" and "OK" and "Next" and anything else that sounds positive or uplifting until its installed. Run Winamp. Hit Ctrl-P to edit preferences. Click "General Purpose" then configure the "Yahoo! Messenger Plugin" and turn it on.


03 Oct 2001 - still 0.6 - The download is now a groovy installer made with
      Nullsoft's PIMP.  Also, my development box is, uh, toast.

0.6 - Format changes happen immediately instead of at next song
    - .zip contains the Release build instead of Debug (much smaller)
    - "0x00000000" Crash on exit (hopefully) fixed

0.5 - shorter download URL (%U) so it might actually fit in the
      tiny status message Yahoo! allows :)

0.4 - extra characters at the end of the song fixed