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AIM Bots

Both of these bots were written using a modified version of the CPAN package Net::AIM. The .pl files in this directory are the bots themselves. I've tested this on perl 5.6.something on MacOSX, but it should work on pretty much any perl. rename the files from .txt to .pl, and chmod +x... does NOT need the modified Net::AIM package, so use the one from CPAN. does still need it.

The modifications to Net::AIM were to add capability to have the do_one_loop() monitor socket and handles other than the AIM connection. This allows the AIM object to monitor the open telnet sessions. Code for this was based on the similar functions in Net::IRC.

The Net::IRC package is required for, and uses the irc event loop to monitor the AIM connection. This required a method for retrieving the IO handle from a Net::AIM::Connection object. is fairly well-featured but it has some limitations. Currently you can be on only one IRC server at a time. You can join multiple channels, but its not handled well at the moment. "/msg #chan message" should work. Please tell me a better way to handle that!

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