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Wednesday, May 26, 2010
New Radiator
by brian @ 13:45:53 - [perma-link]

A few weeks ago I found a Geo Prism with a 2-row radiator. That
radiator also fits an FX-16 (mostly) and gives way more cooling
capacity. I ordered one online and just installed it. I had to trim
the fan shroud a bit to fit over the motor mount, but after that it
went right in.

Idling in the shop, the car would get up to about 194 degrees, at
which point the fan kicks on and it drops back under 190. With the
old radiator (in th last picture. Notice that it has a thinner, 1-row
core) it was holding at a bit over 200 and wouldn't come down on it's
own. It's much better now, and should handle Idaho's hot weather
without a hitch.

I also changed the catalytic converter. The old one (installed just
before Olympus to meet the new rally requirement) took a beating at
Oregon Trail Rally. The element inside was broken into pieces and
clogged up, severely restricting the motor. It's all good now, but I
want to get another spun steel cat so it can handle more abuse.

The car is all set for rallycross on Sunday.

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