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Thursday, March 11, 2010
Post-race inspection
by brian @ 17:20:52 - [perma-link]

I put the rally car up on stands yesterday and did a quick check around the corners. Fluids look good. Brakes are bled (possibly a problem on the front right still. I'll bleed again after I drive it a bit). Suspension is still attached. Steering is OK; the right-side inner tie rod end needs to be replaced.

I mostly washed off the front of the motor to check out a possible oil leak. Its a difficult area to access, so I removed the skid plate, inner fender guards, and the power steering idler pully & bracket and wiped clean as much as I could reach. At Doo Wops we noticed a spot under the oil pressure sender hole that had some fresh-looking drops of oil, but the block was so dirty (probably from the big leak in Idaho) that I couldn't see the source. I'll drive it around some and check for leaks before I do an oil change.

Two of the "good" wheels still look good. One of them had a ding in the rim before Doo Wops and should probably be retired (though it held air fine all through the weekend). The 4th one looks just a little bit ovally, so I'll dump it, too. All of the tires still look decent, but I'll need more for Olympus.

The front edge of the plastic underbody protection needs some help. It hangs down a little in the middle, and the front edge caught a bunch of rocks chewing it up pretty good. On the old car, the front edge was turned up so it would slide over things. This one used to have another piece that connected the plastic with the aluminum skidplate and made a smoother sliding surface. I need to either put that piece back or figure out another support for the front edge. Or both.

The shop needs shelves.

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