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Thursday, July 2, 2009
The "New" Bumper is on!
by brian @ 13:02:29 - [perma-link]

We've been using the old rally car's bumper up until now. Today I
finished customizing the padding inside the "new" bumper to fit around
the tow hooks and installed it on the car. Its not much prettier than
the old one, but the two hooks will be a little more convenient than
the single, and the paint (where it isn't cracked ;) matches the car
(like a GT-S bumper should). All it needs now is holes.

Still to do:
- drill the holes
- mud-flap on the front right (and probably check the rears to make
sure they don't fall off before tech)
- maybe some tuning
- take spare axles for a rebuild (doing that today)
- mount the in-car camera
- mount the Cool Shirt cooler and controls

Is that really all?

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