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Friday, June 5, 2009
Flash's New Jump Bar
by brian @ 15:16:33 - [perma-link]

Today I built a second agility obstacle for Flash, an adjustable jump
bar. He's jumping over it pretty well. The top bar is at about 17"
right now. It started at 20", which was a little too high for him to
clear consistently (but with practice, I'm sure he'll jump much
higher!). I need to start him out lower, and build him up. It doesn't
take many jumps to wear him out right now.

The bar is made from 3/4" PVC, a handfull of Ts, and endcaps. The
cups that hold the bars are cut from a T. First I cut the back off of
the T, so the long edge will snap onto the pole. Then I cut the
whole thing in half to make 2 cups. They snap onto the pole anywhere,
so I can easily change the height of the bars. The two bars are
wrapped with red electrical tape.

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